Graz Wedding photographer

Graz Wedding Photographer

Hello, most likely you are getting married in Graz! Graz is a beautiful place and I am glad that you have chosen this unique destination for a wedding or elopement.

I am Dejan – Graz wedding photographer. I am passioned about life, photography, traveling, and love. As a wedding photographer I have in my opinion the most honorable job in the world – and I am very proud of it.

My work allows me to engage with people on the very important part of their journey. When they know they are the ones for each other, that they are with their soul mates. When nothings make us more terrified than just a thought about losing that person. It is called love and wedding is an act of that special connection.

You let me in you lives on that special day. In very short time with just a few words, we make a special connection, dig out the deepest emotions. On this day I laugh and cry with you – but you won’t see me with tears in the eyes since my face will be behind the camera, searching moments to make photographs the testament, which I hope to be greater than marriage themselves.

Graz Wedding photographer

So … Are you planning a wedding in Graz? Looking for a Graz wedding photographer? Please feel free to contact me and tell me a bit more about yourself, your wedding and your idea about your images. I would really be absolutely honored to get an opportunity from you to tell you a story through my eyes and my camera and create the memories for you and next generations to come.

I will get write you back soon as possible, to see, if I am a perfect fit to be your Graz wedding photographer.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to check my PORTFOLIO and check whole wedding STORIES.

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