Moving Pictures

During photographing your wedding, I can also create recordings that capture emotions that are impossible to be captured with photos

The photographic equipment has advanced tremendously in the last 10 years since I started photographing myself. I began photographing weddings with a basic crop camera, where the sharpness I achieve today with a click during movement, when I am totally unprepared for the shot, was equivalent to the sharpest photos of that time taken under ideal conditions.

In poor lighting conditions, the use of a flash was mandatory to prevent photos from being shaky or having too much noise. It was also necessary to constantly check whether the photos being taken were properly illuminated.

In order for the photographic industry to keep up with the development of mobile phones and their cameras, drastic changes have been made. In addition to all optically more powerful lenses that create background blur or depth of field and at the same time allow for photography in very poor lighting conditions, they have focused on how easily they can achieve focus. Achieving sharpness is childishly simple compared to the past, thanks to new technology.

Mirrorless technology allows us to see the image that will be captured through the viewfinder. This saves a lot of time in photography, which can be used for shorter video clips. Additionally, new cameras already have built-in stabilization, which truly helps in creating steady shots even handheld. Over time, the best photographic and videographic equipment has become almost the same.

I have always seen the advantage that video has over photography. I regretted that some videographers did not see it. Above all, I regretted that I, with photos alone, couldn't convey the feeling of a wedding that could potentially be achieved with video. So, in February 2019, when the photographic equipment was mature enough for it, the idea came to me to create a video alongside wedding photography. The video below is my first attempt, and you can see what came out of it

Do I miss any interesting shots because I also shoot a short video alongside photography? Of course. Do I miss any interesting shots because there is a videographer at the wedding? Also. Do I add additional value to the wedding with a video compared to just photos? Absolutely.

My videos will never replace a real wedding video, but they will be a good substitute for those who want to capture the emotions that a video provides. They are also suitable for those who do not want the chaos of two photographers and two videographers, who with their authenticity change the atmosphere at the wedding, and only want a beautiful memory in video form.

With discretion, the matter even went so far that last year, the groom asked me for a surprise. Below is the video from the wedding where I was the photographer. The bride didn't know that I was also recording in addition to taking photos. For her birthday two months after the wedding, her husband surprised her with the video. A total shock and tears of joy.