Where do I come from?

I am currently based in Ljubljana. Slovenia is a very nice country to live in and has its pros and cons. The landscape is beautiful and is very connected with nature. It is a very tiny country and not many people around the globe have any idea where it is located. Is it close to Russia? Not really! 

People always get surprised when I say there is only 2 million of us. Together we could make one big city. We are aware that we don't have a big role in the world, but sometimes I am amazed at how far we have gotten so far. Slovenia has, for example, won the last European basketball championship and has, almost every time, been the most successful country per capita in Winter and Summer Olympics. Even the president of UEFA is from Slovenia. And guess what? The first lady of the United States is from Slovenia.

Where do I go to?

I have a travel bug. I am like a nomad. I don't like to stay in one place for too long. As I have mentioned, my country is small, so in less than 2 hours I can be on any side of the country, ready to cross the border. And I try to escape at every opportunity I get. 

Usually, I take more than 30 flights per year, because I really cherish the diversity of the world. A change of culture, landscape, and even air after a long flight makes me feel alive. 
I wish I could take photos of weddings in every single country in the world. Currently the countries on my wish list are the following: Marroco, Iceland, Peru, Namibia, New Zealand, Mongolia, USA, Mexico, Ireland and India.

Why wedding photography?

In 2011, I was at the first wedding in my life. That was with my camera of course. I enjoyed it so much! I had the opportunity to be a part of many small stories which told the big one. Happy people, lot of emotions and plenty of happening. I felt like a small kid playing on a playground full of toys. 

Wedding photography is my passion. I enjoy in diversity of little things developing by themselves and am honored to co-create unique stories to be told to future generations. To perfectly tell a story, I use all kinds of photography skills I have and create a mixture of everything: street photography, portrait photography, sports photography, landscape photography, close-up photography, food photography and much more. More diverse means more challenging and that means more fun!

What kind of weddings do I like?

I am not a big fan of weddings with more than 200 people. I prefer intimate weddings with less than 100 people, where I can focus on the people and shots with stories. 

I like the weddings that are rich. Rich in the sense of culture, internationality and diversity. Weddings that I have to reach by plane, or weddings I need to rent a car to get to the unknown location. I call to the adventure!

How did I start?

It all happened with a lucky coincidence. Five years ago, I had no idea that someday I will be a photographer. I went on a student exchange to the Czech Republic in 2010/11. I knew I would travel a lot and since cameras on the phones were not that good back then, I wanted to buy a point and shoot camera to trap the memories. I went to the shop realizing cheap cameras take poor quality photos. One day while window shopping, I noticed the DLSR (Digital single-lens reflex camera), which I was dreaming about for 3 years, discounted for a ridiculously low price. It was like my inner voice whispered to me "You have to buy it, it will change your life".

After the first failed attempts, I have learned that in right hands, camera can be a powerful tool. Photography became my favorite hobby I never had before. At some point, my greatest passion was so big that I decided to stop doing my masters and decided to turn photography into my dream job.

How do I improve my photography?

Every year, I realize I know less. At least that is how I feel. I cannot get better weddings every year, but I can get better shots at weddings every year. Therefore, I attend workshops and conferences all the time. In 2017, I went to Sam Hurd’s workshop in Germany and the two-day See the Big Picture workshop in Netherlands. I also attended a two-day Wanderers conference and I am attending a two-day Grain conference in February 2018 (Croatia) which is hosting wedding photography industry leaders. 

I also take every single wedding with the mindset to explore something new and as an opportunity to improve my skills. Having more than 25 weddings per year on different locations gives me a chance to learn from diversity and to face the yet unknown opportunities. I also love engagement shootings, since they give me plenty of ways to experiment with couples. 

In the end, I still think that traveling in the 3rd-world countries at least once per year makes the biggest impact on my work. My camera is the only friend I take with me and spend most of the time with during my travel. For me, this is a great annual experience where I find my inner peace and bond with my camera on a new level, expressing my newly experienced inspirations.

What kind of photos do you like to take?

I love to take photos of people. I especially like observing people. After watching a person for enough time, I can briefly predict his or her next step, which allows me to take spontaneous photos at the best moments.

More about me

I love to travel. I love to take photos. I like reading books, but I haven’t read any for years. I have problems taking time for them. Mostly because I always wanted to improve things which I was doing. For me good is never good enough.

My only switch off button is going somewhere far. Somewhere where people live differently. I like to go there alone. Actually with my best company- the camera. It pushes me to go further all the time. To check what is behind that corner. To check what is behind that hill.

I dream, also during the day. But my dreams during the day are usually more realistic. I plan a lot. I plan when I am walking. I plan when I am taking a shower. I am also quite determine to reach my goals. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes it takes months, sometimes it takes years, sometimes it takes decades, but for sure I don’t give up easily.

I love my job. If I could choose any job in the world, it would be wedding photography. I am very thrilled that I have reached my dreams I have been chasing for a long time. Currently, I do around 200.000 photos per year and check over a million photos from the best world wedding photographers. Why? To get inspired, to improve my work and to invent something unique. I have big plans for the future. I don’t want to and I will not stop. I want to get better and better. I want to be the best and I do my maximum to express that in photos I take. Every wedding is an opportunity for me to improve and to write the story in the most unique way I see. It is always a pleasure to write your fairy tales through my camera and share it with you. Without you, I could not be on my way to become a photographer who inspires, as I am now.

Invest in your future