We grow up, find love, get married, make children, grow old and die. More or less.

And most of us secretly compare our lives with others. We always find somebody that has something better than we do which makes us less satisfied than we could be. Meanwhile, we forget that we are not supposed to be the same as others. We forget that we should be unique.

So I got an email from this couple – they wanted to have their wedding photos done before the wedding – that was on the date that I was already taken. On a meeting, I realized that they are opened to all the crazy ideas and they want a bit more than just a typical wedding photo session. They have chosen me because they liked my photos that are a bit more creative. Their favorite color is pink, so the wedding dress was pink and they wanted a totally different place – never finished hospital in Zagreb was a perfectly unique idea.

Date: 23.7.2017
Location: Sveučilišna bolnica, Zagreb, Croatia
Keywords: creative portraits, wedding session, Zagreb, abandoned buildings, crazy session, never finished project, pink wedding dress,