Same-gender wedding in Croatia

I feel incredibly honored to have documented the love story of Enrico and Jan. It was a highlight of 2023 that I eagerly anticipated. Shooting my first same-gender wedding was thrilling, but the added joy of capturing a mixed couple from Slovenia and Italy tying the knot in the stunning setting of Croatian Istria, with 200 guests dancing during the daytime, heightened my excitement. As the moment unfolded, I realized my enthusiasm was entirely justified.

Their love story, as a same-gender couple, unfolded with remarkable grace and authenticity. Witnessing the union of Enrico and Jan and vibrant energy was a privilege. Each click of my camera felt like preserving a precious chapter of their unique journey. As I immortalized their joyous celebration, I felt deeply grateful to play a part in capturing memories they will cherish forever. It was more than just photography; it was a profound connection to their love and the beauty of same-gender relationships transcending borders and traditions.

Date of the wedding: 29. 4. 2023

Location: Monte Rosso, Istra, Croatia
Location of preparations: Kempinski Hotel Adriatic Istria

Catering: Weddings in Istria by LF
2nd shooter: Vid Jakop

Keywords: Same-gender wedding Croatia, LGBTQ Slovenia, International same-sex wedding