Few days before that day I received a call from Spanish number. Dejan, are you free on Sunday? I want to propose my girlfriend in Venice and I really like your style of capturing spontaneous moments and I would love that you document my proposal in Venice. She doesn’t know anything about it. Of course, I was flattered to have a chance to be a part of that once in a lifetime moment in romantic Venice.

I have to admit – I was not the only one nervous before the shooting. Because of the carnival in Venice, it was very crowded and it was really hard to find a place for the proposal where they wouldn’t be too many tourists – especially around St Mark’s Square. We didn’t have a lot of time to go somewhere else since they finished dance in costumes less than one hour before the sun goes down. When we met right after the ball, she had no idea about the photo shooting. We went around in hustle of Venice, taking pictures and when we got to the place where we found some privacy on the place at canal I said our code word for the proposal that we arrange with him before: »Oh, it is a nice place«

All the sudden I was a witness one of the most romantic acts I saw in my lifetime. Even if my job is to take photos of the wedding I was shaking a bit as well being part of the moment that can leave you breathless. The proposal in Venice, in costumes, few days after Valentine’s day, there is no doubts he knows that she is the one that wants to stay with forever.

Location: Venice, Italy

Date: 19.2.2017

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