Internationally awarded wedding photographer

      In 2018, I got 24 international awards at the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

      Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers. In the category of Artistic Guild of the WPJA, I got recognized as TOP25 International Wedding Photographer of the year 2018 being ranked on 11th place.

      Preverita rapoložljivost
      ABOUT ME

      I love to travel. I love to take photos. I like reading books, but I haven’t read any for years. I have problems taking time for them. Mostly because I always wanted to improve things which I was doing. For me, good is never good enough.

      My only switch off button is going somewhere far. Somewhere where people live differently. I like to go there alone. Actually with my best company- the camera. It pushes me to go further all the time. To check what is behind that corner. To check what is behind that hill.

      TRAVEL DATES 2017/2018

      March - Mannheim (Germany)
      April - Moscow (Russia)
      June - Venice (Italy), Sorrento (Italy)
      July - Split (Croatia)
      September - Innsbruck (Austria)
      October - Rotterdam (Netherlands)
      November - Vietnam
      January - Hallstatt (Austria)
      February - Peru
      May - Hirschegg (Austria), Krk (Croatia)
      June - Graz (Austria), Trieste (Italy)
      July - Zakintos (Greece)
      September - Treviso (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), Madrid (Spain)
      November - Aberdeen (Scotland)
      December - Thailand, Laos
      January - Singapore, Sydney (Australia)