Wedding Photographer Dar es Salaam

      Dar es Salaam Wedding Photographer

      Dear future newlyweds!

      Most likely you are getting married in our lovely Dar es Salaam and I am glad that you have chosen this unique wedding or elopement destination.

      My name is Dejan – Dar es Salaam wedding photographer. I am passionate about life, photography, travelling, and love. As a wedding photographer, I have, in my opinion, the most honourable job in the world which I am very proud of it.

      My work allows me to engage with a couple on the very important day of their journey. They know they are the ones for each other, that they are each other’s soul mates and nothing would make them more terrified than just a thought about losing each other. Wedding is such a special day to celebrate and honour the commitment between them. It is a day to vow to your loved ones and is an act of a unique bond you have with your better half.

      Let me be a part of this intimate moment in your lives and let me gather these moments for you by taking photos. On this day, I laugh, cry and breathe with you to carefully collect all the moments of that day. No worries, you won’t see me in tears, since my face will be behind the camera, searching for the moments to take photographs.

      Dar es Salaam wedding photographer tanzania - Wedding Photographer Dar es SalaamDar es Salaam Wedding photographer

      So … Are you planning a wedding in Tanzania? Looking for a Dar es Salaam wedding photographer? Please, feel free to contact me and tell me more about yourself, your wedding and your idea about your images. I would be absolutely honoured to get an opportunity to tell a story through my camera and create the memories for you and your next generations.

      I will respond to your emails as soon as possible so we can make sure if I can be your best fit to be your Dar es Salaam wedding photographer.

      Meanwhile, you are welcome to check my PORTFOLIO and wedding STORIES.