My life is very connected with Erasmus. Not that I went on Erasmus. Before going there I bought my first camera since I knew that I will visit a lot of beautiful places and there I had plenty of time to discover all the magic camera can bring. After my Erasmus I started to miss that kind of crazy Erasmus lifestyle and also I had to thank somehow for bringing camera in my life. Therefore I joined Erasmus Student Network section of my town – ESN Maribor. At first I was just voluntary taking photos, later I start to organize parties, events, trips and┬áeven became a president of our section.

In the year I have been most active between 320 of other Erasmus two very special souls have came in Maribor knowing that Erasmus will change their life, but had no idea how much. Kubra from Turkey and Duncan from Scotland. After some time they met, almost instantly felt in love and till the end of Erasmus became favorite couple for most of Erasmus and won Best Couple on Erasmus Awards. No matter the distance they stayed strong after Erasmus in Maribor, continued their relationship and met each other few times per year until Duncan moved to Istanbul and they started to live together. This year on 30 of July – the same date I had wedding in France – they got married in Istanbul. After wedding they directly took a plane to Slovenia and few days later we had a wedding photo session on their favorite place in Slovenia – Lake Bled! ­čÖé

Once Erasmus, always Erasmus.

Date: 2.8.2016
Location: Bled, Slovenia

Wedding dress: Mesut Kirazli
Hairstlye: RHC Salon
MUA: Patricija Lucija Loviscek
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Once Erasmus, always Erasmus