Gus and Rafaela were already super excited for their wedding when we had our Skype meeting 1 year before the wedding.

They told me more about the details. International Brazilian-Scottish wedding in the typical Scottish mansion on the Scotland countryside. Males dressed in kilts. Guess who was more excited on the end of our Skype call.

It was the last wedding in fruitful season 2018. After weddings in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Slovenia this was like a cheery on the top.

Date: 17. 11. 2018
Location: Inverurie, Scotland

Wedding reception: Macdonald Pittodrie House
Wedding dress: Internovias
Wedding bouquet: Flowers by Judith
Invitations and other prints: Designed by the bride
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We chose Macdonald Pittodrie House because we wanted something very Scottish, very classic, a place with history. We also wanted a relatively small wedding, so we went for a hotel that had a more intimate ballroom. Also, Gus’ parents had been taking him to Macdonald Pittodrie House for years because he was raised just five minutes away from the location.


We had 11 people coming from Brazil, my close family and friends. We wish we could have had more people with us but the current economical situation made it harder for our Brazilian friends to come over.

Macdonald Pittodrie House Wedding

We met when Gus was working in Brazil, he had been in Rio for only two weeks and I had just been back from my interchange in London where I lived for six months. Many people think this is where I met Gus, but I was actually at a supermarket during its biggest sale of the year to buy cheap Greek yogurts (I absolutely love yogurts). I had a book with me because I knew the queues were long but I finished the book and was still on the queue so I went on tinder and Gus was the second person to pop up! We started taking nonstop and met on the next day. The rest they say is history!


It was only 7 degrees census and it was super windy. The weather was not the best, but it was authentic. Scotland in the middle of November. What else could we expect?

I was just shocked to see that bridesmaids and Rafaela – used of Brazilian weather and in really NOT warm clothes – that have stayed long enough with me to do all the photos. It is also rewarding to see that nobody regrets a single second!

I have absolutely loved every single minute of our experience with you, Dejan. From the very first moment you were involved on our wedding and wanted to be more than the photographer, you were invested in being part of our day as a whole. We were so grateful for stumbling upon your website online and you were one of the few things that didn’t cause us any stress during marriage preparations! We knew from the moment we got engaged that we could get married in a barn with ten guests, as long as we had a good photographer to capture our day, and not only did we have a good photographer, we had the best one!

All the photos were beautiful and everyone who sees them couldn’t agree more. You were helpful, available and kind to all of our guests. You were a part of our day and did not interrupt us at any time, you just capture us enjoying ourselves and our moments together on the day, which we very much appreciate it. We have been recommending your work to everyone we know!


Nobody has any idea of how grateful I am for this experience. Thanks to Angus and Rafaela, I had my first opportunity to visit Scotland. Since November is not a high wedding season, I also had a chance to travel around Scotland for a week. To check the photos from my travels, please click HERE.