“We have decided for this date not only because weather around this days was perfect previous years, but also because it is the date we observe shooting stars.« they said after cutting the cake at midnight »So take a look in to the sky and make a wish.«

      At that moment I had in mind: »One year ago Nika and Davor had to look in the sky on this dates and have a same wish on the same shooting star – for their wedding to be perfect.«

      Being is wedding photographer is something amazing for me. I do what I love, I travel on the different places on the world and meet amazing people that are crazy in love. But it has its downsides also. One is spending enormous amount of hours infront of the computer to give the best possible results for the people that have trusted you for such an important life time event. But one of them is more or less about the emotions. It is kind of the work where is not possible to put all the emotions away.

      You are there. At the location like with the amazing atmosphere like Mansion Štatenberg. Soon, you realize how strong is the bond with the people, that you just met for the first time few moments ago. Then they see each other for the first time on the ceremony. Explosion of all the emotions. A lot of tears. They are madly in love in each other. Already for 9 years. Yes! They have found each other! They have great family. They have great friends. And they are supporting them at each step. They have perfect weather and also perfect sunset to take amazing photos. Everything is perfect.

      I get home. With more than 7000 photos of that day. While doing selection and editing I go through the wedding atleast 10 times, riviving in my head every single emotion or words given at that time. It make me start to think. If I would get married, who would give me that kind of speach? Who would give me that kind of support and stay next to me at the ceremony? Who would even be the person that, I would married with? Will I ever even find that right person? Or I will be forever alone, since I just want that true love, that I see at my couples, and nothing less?

      There is no way to put emotions aside. But at the same time you know, that this kind of job makes you to become a better person. The minor acts on the wedding and unconditional love makes your heart keep growing and people you work for somehow become your rolemodels of real success and happines. Thanks to my couples, I have soon realized that earning the true love for whole life time is much more than earning enormous amount of money. It helped me to open my eyes and see what actualy in life really matters …

      Date: 11.8.2018

      Wedding dress: White Couture
      Wedding rings: Zlatarna Celje
      Location: Dvorec Štatenberg, Slovenia
      Keywords: poroka Dvorec Štetenberg, Grad štetenberg, amazing sunset, dream wedding, wedding photography, poročni fotograf, Makole,