Wedding in India

In September 2019 I got a message on Instagram from Indian wedding photographers I don’t say Cheese. Gaurav and Simran wrote me that they are travelling around Slovenia and they would love to meet me on a coffe, since they came across my work and they loved it.

Few days later we met in the center of Ljubljana. They told me that the absolutely love Slovenia, it’s nature and people. At the end of our pleasant conversation, they invited me to India and also to join with them on some wedding they will work at. You simply don’t say no to such proposal, although Slovenia and India are far apart and there are quite many things needed to be adjusted and prepared for a journey like this. “Let’s see what the future will bring” I said to them, not really convinced to go there. Two months later I landed in New Delih.

The first couple days of my month and half long Indian journey were with Gaurav and Simran. We continued our kinda geek wedding photography talk from Ljubljana and few days later I joined them at their work. My first Indian wedding of Monica and Shashank in Greater Noida happened just couple days later.

The wedding was amazing. I enjoyed it so much! Such good vibes, dance, high energy, amazing food and super kind people! Many completely new things for me happened that day. For the first time after a very long time I was a 2nd shooter on the wedding, however, that was a perfect way to get introduced to the Indian weddings and their culture from the first row!

Location: Crowne Plaza Greater Noida, India

Date: 7.12.2019 & 8.12.2019

Day 1

Day 2